Lab Design

Laboratory Design, Laboratory Furniture, Lab Fume Hoods:

Professional Laboratories Designed to Meet Any Challenge

Laboratories equipped to meet your needs is our goal at Hawkins Scientific; all Hawkins labs are structured to meet the needs of the industrial, education, healthcare or pharmaceutical communities all across the Nation.

When excellence makes a difference you can be assured Hawkins Scientific–providing laboratory engineering and design services since 1984–is the company to rely on.

Cost Effective Laboratory Furniture, Casework, Fume Extraction Hoods, Modular Systems, Countertops...

Whether you are looking for laboratory furniture/laboratory casework, lab fume hoods, or laboratory countertops, Hawkins can provide cost-effective solutions for you. Wherever you are in the US, our staff of professional consultants will work with your new and existing laboratory construction projects to achieve the best solution for your project goals.

Traveling from CA to the East Coast –even Alaska–Hawkins has contracted with companies for many different type of labs including:

  • Medical Laboratories
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Industrial Laboratories
and many more...

Taking a custom approach with Hawkins ensures you creative functional designs and superior materials and workmanship. Our goal is always to structure laboratories that function conveniently and efficiently, allowing you to maximize your time and resources AND to offer these services at a price you can afford.

Lab Design and Lab Installation

Personalized Service With Your Design and Installation

Providing you with personalized service throughout the project is one of the little things that makes Hawkins Scientific different. This means that, no matter where you are located in the United States, from the start of your new or existing laboratory construction design–to the installation–you work with the same person.

Lab Cabinets and Countertops: Configured Just the Way You Need Them

Designing labs in special configurations to accommodate specific instruments and testing, and supplying stainless steel casework, laminate casework, or laboratory countertops from special materials are our specialties. Laboratory safety cabinets and countertops units are designed using a "building block" concept such that they fit together perfectly and installation is easy. If your needs change, cabinets are equally easy to rearrange and add to. In addition, we offer a wide range of drawer pulls and edge treatments to provide our customers with their own custom cabinet look.

Laboratory Fixtures Placed to Meet Your Requirements

Choose the laboratory fixtures you need--we can supply them all! Let our experts help place your laboratory faucets and fixtures, pedestal boxes, eye washes, stools, troughs, safety showers, and cup sinks precisely where you need them to be.

All fume extraction hoods and lab ventilation systems are built to accommodate your requirements of size, service, and environment. Whatever your lab ventilation systems needs, Hawkins Scientific will provide you expert solutions for a chemical fume hood or ventilation system that works safely and effectively.

In short, Hawkins Scientific is exactly what you've been looking for to meet all your design, furniture, or ventilation requirements. Don't just take our word for it.

Contact us today and discover what hundreds of other laboratory managers nationwide have–Hawkins Scientific makes laboratory design and installation easy and affordable.