Laboratory Countertops, Epoxy Countertops at Affordable Prices

science lab countertopAt Hawkins Laboratories, we recommend epoxy laboratory countertops, the best all around work top material available. Epoxy phenolic resin lab countertops are the most popular laboratory furniture choice because the excellent heat and chemical resistance of epoxy phenolic resins are perfect for the tough environment of a laboratory. Epoxy stands up to the challenge AND is the most cost effective choice for most lab countertops.

Extensive testing shows laboratory cabinets with epoxy lab countertop surfaces have good resistance toward discoloration, blistering, and cracking. This chemical, moisture, imact and heat resistance means epoxy laboratory work surface components will look good– even after years of hard work.

Epoxy resin lab countertops are the ideal solution for environments that are very corrosive or have a high level of moisture, making them the perfect lab countertop for science labs, research facilities, and commercial areas where chemicals are used. Each countertop can be configured into virtually any laboratory furniture configuration and can be installed on permanent or freestanding casework, tables and carts.

Laboratory Cabinets with Countertops Color Coded to Match

Not just a versatile use or inexpensive choice, epoxy resin laboratory countertops are also decorative. Black is the most popular because it is easy on most user's eyes and provides increase acuity when it is necessary to do visual comparisions. However, if your application doesn't require that you can choose from a variety of color choices to match your laboratory cabinet.

Hawkins will help you match your lab casework design to one of these  work service colors we supply:

 Lab Countertop color choices

Even though the majority of our laboratory countertops are made with epoxy, Hawkins Scientific will supply other laboratory casework materials, as requested:

  • Stainless Steel Countertops: ideal for biomedical, food related, or research labs where maintaining a completely sterile surface is critical.
  • Plastic Laminate Countertops: a general purpose countertop used in chemical-free, dry applications only.
  • Phenolic countertops: durable, non-porous work surfaces resistant to most chemical attacks, also are heat and moisture resistant.
  • Greenstone Countertops: Greenstone combines the superior resistance and physical properties of traditional epoxy with post-consumer recycled glass to provide the best available environment-friendly lab-grade surfacing solution. Greenstone performs and installs just like traditional epoxy and comes in the same colors.

At Hawkins Scientific we are committed to help you determine the best countertop for your specific lab's requirements keeping in mind your pricing and lab design considerations.

No matter where you are located in the United States, you can be assured Hawkins Scientific will equip you with laboratory countertops that are designed to handle your toughest assignments. From laboratory design to lab countertop installation, we promise total satisfaction. With over thirty years of lab furniture installation and design experience Hawkins Scientific delivers the best lab contertop solutions.

Contact us today for expert solutions to all your laboratory countertop needs!